Day 1 in England!

Hello Everyone!

Today is Day 1 of my study abroad in the United Kingdom. I landed in London (Heathrow) around 8:00 am (2:00 am CT) on a slightly chilled, rainy day. I was picked up by Paul Boxall, a local native and friend of Trevor’s in Hastingleigh, and met my first studio member, Ann! It was about an hour and three quarter drive to Mr. Boxall’s home where I would meet his gracious wife, Sue; their son, Robbie; their 4-month old puppy, Helga; and their parrot, Percy. After a quick set of introductions and a cup of tea, with milk, we headed over to the Wye’s house. Trevor and Dot, his wife, were very sweet and showed us a little bit of their home before we headed to our accommodations. I was dropped off at what is known as “The Old Sawmill.” It is a cute sawmill that has been renovated into small hotel rooms/apartments. My landlady, Mrs. Gilson, gave me a quick tour of my IKEA apartment that I will share with one other flutist. After unpacking, settling in, and a short nap, I practiced for about an hour before my roommate, Yukiko, arrived! She is from Japan and attended the Studio last year as well. Yuki and I unloaded Trevor’s car and brought her stuff inside but only had about twenty minutes before we left for dinner at the Boxall’s. On the way to dinner, I was able to meet two more of my studio members, Kelsey and Miharu! Kelsey is from Australia and Miharu is from Japan and was also in Trevor’s studio last year with Yuki. Trevor dropped us off for dinner with Sue and Paul and we had wonderful lasagna made by Paul and Nutella/Ferrero Rocher cheesecake by Sue. It was very sweet of them to cook for us on our first night since we were all exhausted from the long day of travel. Once I got here, I realized I did not have a big enough rain proof jacket or “wellington boots” (rain boots). Thankfully for me, the Boxall’s had an extra jacket and pair of boots for me to use while I am here because their kindness seems to know no bounds. After getting home from a wonderful dinner, Yuki and I came up with a shopping list of items we needed for the house and some groceries in hopes of making dinner together this week. Now after this long day, I am writing this short synopsis so everyone knows that I am doing well so far and to post some pictures!


Thanks for reading and I will update everyone again soon,